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New PS4 Vs XBox One

Who will win the battle of the consoles after they are both released near the end of this year? In my view we will be the winners, between them we will be getting more of a gaming experience in every way. Sony and Microsoft will be head to head again and this time the hardware […]

Google Nexus Screen Replacement

We attempted a repair on a google Nexsus Tablet. We bought the glass(digitiser). When we tried to remove the screen from the digitiser we found it was glued quite solidly all the way around. we tried separating it with a scalpel and heat but to no avail. We suggest if you attempt this repair buy […]

VPC-F1 power up but dies 3 seconds later

We just had a VPCF Series laptop in the office with this power problem. When we opened it up we found visibly the chip labelled PQ2 was blown so bad we could not tell which chip it was or what numbers were written on the chips. We managed to look though a few old boards […]

SVT Digitiser

We recently had a repair which had a cracked screen and Digitiser on a Sony Vaio SVT. The whole digitiser and screen was cracked and bent. Replacing the screen was no problem but the Digitiser that was ordered from Sony did only work on the right hand side. If this happens the part is DOA […]