Dronfield Laptop Repairs


Dronfield Laptop Repairs

We are based in Sheepbridge on Dunston Business Park behind Dunstone house.

Very Close to Dronfield and the surrounding area

Professional Staff with years of experience working with Toshiba and Sony previously, we are trained at the highest level and are guaranteed to take the best care with your laptop

Dedicated to Laptop Computer Repairs but we also repair

  • Ipod’s
  • Iphone’s
  • All in one desktops computers
  • Printers
  • TV’s
  • Tablets and other electrical devices

With the owner of the business living in Dronfield as it is perfectly situated and so close to the peak district you can almost walk there. We would love it if you got in touch or popped down just for a chat to see if your product can and would be economically worth it. We understand the value of old laptops and how we get attached to them so we love restoring and getting them working even better than when they were new at a fraction of the cost of other repairers.The owner loves restoring old products be it laptops/engines/computers/cars and this shows in the running of the business.

Have you seen our van in Dronfield?

If you need a same day pickup from Dronfield this can be arranged with no hassle and can give you an hour window when we can pickup your laptop. you may have seen our Van around Dronfield…


Dronfield Van


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