Laptop Power Failure



Too many Compaq laptop users know the horror of hours of work suddenly coming to a halt due to laptop power failure. In fact, laptop power failure is fairly common. The reason for the failure may be a battery problem or something even worse.

The first step in solving a laptop power failure problem is to verify that power is successfully making it to the computer. You will be able to tell by checking the power status light. In addition, make sure the power source you use is working correctly and properly connected to the machine.

If the light is on but the computer will not boot, your next step should be to check the battery to make sure it works properly. Some Compaq laptops will not work correctly without a good battery. Ask a computer specialist to determine if your Compaq laptop is capable of working with a dead or missing battery.

If you find that the battery is in good working condition and that the computer is connected to an apt power source, but you laptop power failure problem remains, it is possible that the vital components, such as the motherboard is failing to work properly. An expert with an understanding of laptop power failure should be consulted in order to ensure the laptop power failure problem is handled properly.