Laptop Power Failure



If you have ever been immersed in working on your HP laptop and all of a sudden it all goes black, you know how aggravating it can be. Without apparent reason, the laptop is off. You are either having problems with the battery or your HP laptop not be working at all.

The first step in troubleshooting the problem is to ensure that power is getting to your laptop. To do this, check the transformer LED light. If the LED is not on, make sure your computer is connected properly to a functioning power source.

The next step is to check the power status LED light to make sure it comes on when you connect your HP laptop to the power source. Even older HP laptops usually have some sort of power LED light. If the power light is on, but the laptop still fails to power up, the next step is checking the battery.

Some HP laptops may not work without a good battery. Consult an experienced computer technician to find out if your particular HP laptop will if the battery dead or missing. If the battery is not the problem, and laptop power failure continues, it is likely that the motherboard or other vital components are not functioning properly. It is best to take your HP laptop to a computer specialist who has experience in managing laptop power failure.