Laptop Power Failure


Sony Laptop No Power

There is nothing more aggravating than actively taking care of business on your Sony VAIO laptop and then suddenly it all goes black. For no obvious reason, the laptop switched off.

If the problem you are having is power related because either the battery or the Sony VAIO laptop not turning on at all, the first step is to make sure that power is getting to the laptop. This involves making sure that the LED light on your transformer brick is on as it should be. If the LED light is not on, or if your Sony VAIO laptop does not have an LED, make sure it is plugged into a good power source.

The next step is to determine whether or not LED power status lights on the laptop light up when you plug in the power. Even older Sony VAIO models usually have a power status light. If you have positive power status and the laptop just will not power on, the next thing to check is the battery.

Some Sony VAIO laptops will not operate properly without a good battery, but most will, so ask your computer technician to find out if your Sony VAIO laptop will operate if the battery is dead or missing. If the battery is not the issue and you continue to experience laptop power failure, it is likely a power regulation or mainboard failure. Take your Sony VAIO to an experience computer specialist to ensure proper diagnosis for laptop power failure.

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