Laptop Power Failure



Nothing is more maddening than being immersed in work on your Toshiba laptop, and then suddenly everything goes dark. Without any obvious reason, your laptop has shut off.

If you have a problem with the battery or if the Toshiba laptop does not work at all, the first step you should take is to make sure that power is making it to your laptop. To do this, check the LED light on the transformer. If the LED is not lit, make sure the laptop is connected to a proper power source.

The next step you must take is determining if the power status LED lights up when you connect your Toshiba laptop to a working power source. Even the older model Toshiba laptops usually feature power status LED lights. If the power status LED light is lit, but the laptop fails to work not at all, the next step is to check is the battery.

Some Toshiba laptops will not work properly without a good battery installed, but most do. Therefore, it is best to ask an experienced computer technician if your particular Toshiba laptop will work with a dead or missing battery. If the battery is not the problem and you continue to experience a laptop power failure, it is probable that the motherboard or other important components are failing. Take your Toshiba laptop to a computer specialist who has experience in handling laptop power failure to ensure the best outcome.