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Laptop Repairs In Clay Cross

We cover laptop repairs in and around Clay Cross. We repair all models of laptop so please get in touch if you are having problems and we will do our best for you, been a local company we love helping local customers.

In our area until the early nineteenth century, Clay Cross was a small village, but demand for coal and other minerals trebled the population by 1840. While developing the tunnel for the North Midland Railway, George Stephenson discovered both coal and iron, which together with the demand for limestone, caused him to move into Tapton Hall (below), near Chesterfield, and set a business as George Stephenson and Co.

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As a suburb of Chesterfield Stephenson’s workers’ houses were of good quality for their time, having four rooms compared to the normal two, and a school was provided. By 1850 there were three chapels, a church and an institute which are still standing today.

Now the population because on this has grown to over 3000 and has become a nice place to live. As technology has changed so have the business providing services in the area. We specialise in Sony Vaio Laptops but also repair all other makes including: Toshiba – Asus – Dell – Fujitsu – Panasonic – Samsung – HP – Compaq