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Toshiba laptop repairs

Many of the Toshiba laptop issues that come through our doors are relatively easy to manage. Even so, many of the laptop repair shops around do not have the capability of taking care of Toshiba laptop motherboard repairs on a level that we are able to provide. Hence, we are the number one shop for Toshiba laptop motherboard repairs.

We are able to offer you unbelievably low repair rates because we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to repair your Toshiba laptop’s defective components, which will result in improved function of the entire motherboard. Several of our customers claim to have shopped around at many of the major electronic stores, laptop manufacturers and several computer repair centres and been given a repair quote that is much higher than any rate we offer.

Many times, Toshiba laptop owners are told by the repair shops that the entire motherboard is in need of replacement, which is rarely the case at all. Do not spend your time and money on incompetent repair centres who lack the necessary ability to diagnose and repair your Toshiba laptop. We are confident that our staff of the highly qualified computer technicians, who have vast experience with Toshiba laptop motherboard repairs, will be able to get the job done right every time.


The fantastic Toshiba family of laptops fall into 7 model categories…

Qosmio, Netbook, Tecra, Portege, Satellite Pro, Satellite, Equium,

A Toshiba laptop repair can be required for many different reasons ranging from accidental damage to to laptop breakdown failure through normal use. In any case we can effect fast cost effective repairs, to minimise inconvenience. Nearly all Toshiba laptop repairs include an internal service as part of the repair to restore the laptop to its former glory. Toshiba laptop repairs are performed on the following models, each model has it’s own strengths…

Toshiba Qosmio laptop repairs are required for these incredible, ultra powerful laptops Designed for entertainment, Qosmio products offer the most powerful multimedia and gaming experiences available on a laptop. Built for TV, music, video and gaming, they feature ultra clear, bright screen technology, surround sound and one-touch controls to access all your multimedia content. Models even include High Definition DVD-R for a cinematic film experience, and hard disk drive recording to allow you to record TV programmes direct to your laptop.

Toshiba Netbook repairs are available for the popular Netbook designed for web browsing, portability, and very long battery life.

Toshiba Tecra laptop repairs are even needed on the more reliable tough Tecra range of laptops designed for business people.

Toshiba Portege laptop repairs are performed on this stylish, lightweight, ultra portable Portege model, with long battery life.

Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop repairs are for the professional Satellite range with multimedia.

Toshiba Satellite laptop repairs for this affordable, popular, standard Satellite laptop.

Toshiba Equium laptop repairs are undertaken to mend the older Equium range.