Liquid Damage Laptop Repairs



A liquid spill on your Acer laptop can be a serious problem. However, depending on how you handle the situation, you can reduce the amount of damage to your laptop. If the device is on when liquid is spilled on it, the first thing to do is cut the power as soon as possible.

The quickest way to stop to power getting to your laptop is holding down the power button for at least ten seconds. Once the power is off, the next step is to remove the battery. This will prevent the laptop from being turned on by accident, which could add to the problem. In addition, it also ensures that no power is still going to the motherboard as it does when in standby or hibernation.

Leave the Acer laptop open and turn it upside-down to dry. In this situation, gravity is your friend and it will help to keep the liquid from drying on the components inside your computer.

Finally, take your Acer laptop to a professional for repair quickly. Depending on the type of liquid spilled on your Acer laptop, the damage to your computer may continue. The best course of action is to seek liquid damage laptop repairs as soon as possible.