Liquid Damage Laptop Repairs



If you have ever spilled any type of liquid on your Dell laptop, then you know what a tragedy that can be. However, depending on the next few moves you make, you may be able to minimize the damage of the laptop. If the power is on when the liquid is spilled on your Dell laptop, you will need to turn the power off immediately.

The quickest way to stop the flow of electricity to the laptop is with the main power button. Simply hold the button down for a minimum of ten seconds. Once you shut off the power, you also need or remove the battery pack from your Dell laptop.

Removing the battery is the best way to ensure the prevention of accidentally tuning the machine back on, which could cause even more damage. Taking the battery out of the Dell laptop will also ensure that no power is getting to the motherboard or other important components.

Once you have cut the power and removed the battery, leave the Dell laptop open and turn it upside-down to ensure the liquid dries quickly and away from the vital parts of your computer. The best thing to do now is take your Dell laptop to a computer specialist with extensive knowledge of liquid damage laptop repairs.