Liquid Damage Laptop Repairs



Unfortunately, spilling liquid on a laptop is a common occurrence. One minute you are typing away on your Lenovo laptop and the next thing you know you have a huge mess. All it takes is one wrong move to send a glass of cola, a cup of coffee or some other liquid flowing all over your laptop.

One of the worst things that can happen to a Lenovo laptop is to spill liquid on it. However, as long as you handle the situation correctly, it may be possible to reduce the total loss by seeking proper liquid damage laptop repairs.

If the power is on when the spill occurs, you must act quickly to turn off the laptop. The best way to do this is by holding down the power button for ten seconds. Once you are sure the laptop is off, remove the laptop battery to reduce the risk of causing more damage to the machine. The reason for this is that if the power is restored to the Lenovo laptop after liquid is spilled on it, irreparable damage to the machine can occur. In addition, removing the battery is also the best way to ensure that the motherboard and other important components are protected from damage.

Once you are sure that the laptop is no longer getting power and the battery has been detached properly, you must turn the laptop upside-down and leave it open to give it time to dry. This will make sure that the liquid dries quickly and has less of a chance to damage any critical laptop components. The best course of action is to take your Lenovo laptop to computer specialist who is able to perform the appropriate liquid damage laptop repairs.