Liquid Damage Laptop Repairs


Packard Bell

If you accidentally spill liquid on your Packard Bell laptop, you may be able to minimize the amount of actual damage to the laptop. If the laptop was on when you spilled the liquid on it, you must act quickly to shut off the power.

The quickest way to cut power to the laptop is with the main switch. Just press and hold the power button for a minimum of ten seconds. Once the power has been disconnected, you must next remove the laptop battery to reduce the risk of turning the power back on accidentally. Turning the power back on after liquid has been spilled on it could increase the amount of damage to the machine. In addition, removing the battery pack from your Packard Bell laptop is also the best way to ensure that the motherboard or other critical components are not being powered.

Once you are sure the laptop cannot get any power and the battery has been removed successfully, you need to allow the laptop time to dry. Keep the laptop open and turn it upside-down for a while. This will ensure that the liquid dries quickly and reduces the risk of damage to the most critical areas of your Packard Bell laptop. The best thing to do is take your laptop to a Packard Bell computer expert who has the knowledge and experience to handle liquid damage laptop repairs.