Liquid Damage Laptop Repairs



Spilling liquid on your Philips laptop is a very bad thing. However, as long as you handle the situation in the correct manner, you may be able to reduce the amount of overall damage effectively with the proper liquid damage laptop repairs.

If you were busy typing away on the laptop when the liquid spilled on it, you must act quickly to disconnect the supply of power. The best way to cut power to the laptop is using the main switch. Just hold down the power button for a minimum period of ten seconds.

Once the power has been disconnected, you must remove the battery from the laptop to reduce the risk of causing further damage to the machine. If the Philips laptop were to have power restored to it after liquid has been spilled on it, irreparable damage to the machine could be the result. In addition, the removal of your Philips laptop battery is also the best way to ensure that the motherboard and other critical components are not damaged.

Once you are certain the laptop cannot get power and the battery has been removed successfully, you must allow time to for the laptop to dry. Keep the laptop open and upside-down for a while. This will ensure that the liquid dries quickly and it reduces the risk of damage to the most critical areas of your Philips laptop. The best thing to do is take your laptop to a Philips computer expert who knows how to handle liquid damage laptop repairs.