Liquid Damage Laptop Repairs



Spilling any kind of liquid on your Samsung laptop is tragic. However, depending on the way you address this dire situation, you may be able to minimize the amount of damage to the laptop.

If the device is active when you spill the liquid on it, the power must be disconnected immediately. The fastest way to shut the flow of electricity off to the laptop is with the main power button. Simply press down and hold the button for a minimum period of ten seconds.

Once power has been turned off, you must also remove the battery pack from your Samsung laptop. This will reduce the risk of accidentally turning the power to the computer back on, which could cause even more damage. Taking the battery from the Samsung laptop will also ensure that no power gets to the motherboard or other important elements.

Once the power is cut and you have removed the battery, leave open the Samsung laptop and upside-down to make sure the liquid dries quickly and away from vital parts of your computer. The best thing to do next is take your Samsung laptop to a computer expert who has extensive knowledge of liquid damage laptop repairs.