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Sony Vaio SV Models

The Sony Vaio SV range of laptops are finally here and are a spectacle at the least. As of yet we only have 4 different series released within this range and all seem to take a large step from their predecessors in the VPC range.


Saying this the SV range do keep their natural characteristics of being part of the Sony Vaio brand; great build quality, sleak looks, durability, reliability and all seem to have a different personality to the next series. We can’t find a bad thing to say in all honesty about the new Sony Vaio SV range. Only time will tell once they’ve been around for a year or so.

Nevertheless we’ve compiled a catalouge of all the released series’ up to date. Once new releases appear on the market we will update and keep an eye out for the dreaded common issues of each series. Follow the links below to read about each individual series and check out the specifications of each likewise.

Sony Vaio SV Models