Sony Laptop Repair


SVE Series

Our Opinion

The new Sony Vaio SVE series laptop is finally here and we are happy to get out hands on the machine and find out the pro’s and con’s of the new series. We have had a few of these units in for repairs with damaged screens, damaged keyboards and power socket, but as of yet no suspicious recurring problems, which is a good thing.

Looking at the SVE laptop, you can see the similarities with the older VPCE series of laptops. The bigger difference here is the choices you get when deciding on your laptop of choice. In the past you’ve maybe had a few choices when selecting a model of laptop you like the look of, but with the Sony SVE series, you can pick even the screen size that you require.

Thats not all, the SVE laptops come packed with an option of Core i processors, ranging all the way up to the Core i7 range. Obviously the prices are different for each range of processors, but you can select whether you’d like an ordinary standard if laptop, or a beefier version for gaming or design work.

I believe the SVE is a great feet for Sony Vaio just due to the options you have when purchasing. If you don’t like the laptop, you can simply put in it what you like at a size and pocket that suits you. Just be weary as additional options can take a bit out of your pocket.

User Review’s

Common Issues

– No common issues reported as of yet

As and when we learn of any common issues with this series of laptops we will post our findings on here for you to see. If you know of any issues regarding this series of laptop, let us know and we will appreciate your input.

Model Range

SVE1111M1EB, SVE1111M1EP, SVE1111M1EW, SVE1111M1RB, SVE1111M1RP, SVE1111M1RW, SVE1112M1EB, SVE1112M1EP, SVE1112M1EW, SVE1112M1RB, SVE1112M1RP, SVE1112M1RW , SVE1411E1RB, SVE1411E1RW, SVE1412E1RB, SVE1412E1RW, SVE14A1C5E, SVE14A1M6EB, SVE14A1M6EP, SVE14A1M6EW, SVE14A1S1EB, SVE14A1S1EP, SVE14A1S1EW, SVE14A1S1RB, SVE14A1S1RP, SVE14A1S1RW, SVE14A1S6EB, SVE14A1S6EP, SVE14A1S6EW, SVE14A1S6RB, SVE14A1S6RP, SVE14A1S6RW, SVE14A1V1EB, SVE14A1V1EP, SVE14A1V1EW, SVE14A1V1RB, SVE14A1V1RP, SVE14A1V1RW, SVE14A1V6EB, SVE14A1V6EP, SVE14A1V6EW, SVE14A1V6RB, SVE14A1V6RP, SVE14A1V6RW, SVE14A1X1EH, SVE14A1X1ES, SVE14A1X1RH, SVE14A1X1RS, SVE14A2A4E, SVE14A2B4E, SVE14A2C5E, SVE14A2M1EB, SVE14A2M1EP, SVE14A2M1EW, SVE14A2M1RW, SVE14A2M2RS, SVE14A2M6EB, SVE14A2M6EP, SVE14A2M6EW, SVE14A2V1EB, SVE14A2V1EP, SVE14A2V1EW, SVE14A2V1RB, SVE14A2V1RP, SVE14A2V1RPI, SVE14A2V1RW, SVE14A2V1RWI, SVE14A2V2ES, SVE14A2V2RS, SVE14A2V6RB, SVE14A2V6RP, SVE14A2V6RW, SVE14A2X1EB, SVE14A2X1EH, SVE14A2X1EP, SVE14A2X1EW, SVE14A2X2ES, SVE1511A1EB, SVE1511A1EW, SVE1511A4E, SVE1511B1EB, SVE1511B1EW, SVE1511B1RB, SVE1511B1RW, SVE1511B4E, SVE1511C1RB, SVE1511C1RSI, SVE1511C1RW, SVE1511C4E, SVE1511C5E, SVE1511D1EW, SVE1511D4E, SVE1511E4E, SVE1511F1EB, SVE1511F1ESI, SVE1511F1EW, SVE1511F4E, SVE1511G1EB, SVE1511G1ESI, SVE1511G1EW, SVE1511G4E, SVE1511H1ESI, SVE1511H1EW, SVE1511H4E, SVE1511J1EB, SVE1511J1ESI, SVE1511J1EW, SVE1511K1EB, SVE1511K1ESI, SVE1511K1EW, SVE1511L1EW, SVE1511M1EB, SVE1511M1ESI, SVE1511N1EB, SVE1511N1ESI, SVE1511N1RB, SVE1511N1RSI, SVE1511N1RW, SVE1511P1EW, SVE1511Q1EB, SVE1511Q1ESI, SVE1511R9EB, SVE1511R9ESI, SVE1511S1ESI, SVE1511S1EW, SVE1511S9RB, SVE1511T1EB, SVE1511T1RB, SVE1511T1RSI, SVE1511T1RW, SVE1511V1EW, SVE1511V1RB, SVE1511V1RSI, SVE1511V1RW, SVE1511W1EB, SVE1511W1ESI, SVE1511X1EB, SVE1511X1ESI, SVE1511X1RB, SVE1511X1RSI, SVE1511X1RW, SVE1511Y1ESI, SVE1511Z1EB, SVE1512A4E, SVE1512B1EW, SVE1512B4E, SVE1512C1RB, SVE1512C4E, SVE1512C5E, SVE1512C6EB, SVE1512C6EW, SVE1512D1RB, SVE1512D1RW, SVE1512D4E, SVE1512E1EB, SVE1512E1ESI, SVE1512E1EW, SVE1512E4E, SVE1512E6EB, SVE1512E6EW, SVE1512F1RW, SVE1512G1RB, SVE1512G1RW, SVE1512H1EB, SVE1512H1ESI, SVE1512H1EW, SVE1512H1RB, SVE1512H1RSI, SVE1512H1RW, SVE1512H6EB, SVE1512H6EW, SVE1512I1ESI, SVE1512J1EW, SVE1512J6EB, SVE1512J6ESI, SVE1512J6EW, SVE1512K1EB, SVE1512K1ESI, SVE1512K1RW, SVE1512L1RW, SVE1512M1EW, SVE1512M6EB, SVE1512M6ESI, SVE1512M6EW, SVE1512N1EB, SVE1512N1ESI, SVE1512N1RB, SVE1512N1RW, SVE1512P1EB, SVE1512Q1EW, SVE1512Q1RB, SVE1512Q1RW, SVE1512R1EW, SVE1512R1RW, SVE1512S1EW, SVE1512S1RW, SVE1512T1ESI, SVE1512U1ESI, SVE1512W1EB, SVE1512W1ESI, SVE1512W1RB, SVE1512X1ESI, SVE1512X9EB, SVE1512Y1ESI, SVE1512Y1RB, SVE1512Z1EB, SVE1711A4E, SVE1711B4E, SVE1711C5E, SVE1711F1EW, SVE1711G1EB, SVE1711G1EW, SVE1711G1RB, SVE1711G1RW, SVE1711H1EB, SVE1711H1EW, SVE1711J1EB, SVE1711J1EW, SVE1711K1EB, SVE1711K1EW, SVE1711L1EB, SVE1711L1EW, SVE1711P1EW, SVE1711Q1EB, SVE1711Q1RB, SVE1711Q1RW, SVE1711R1EB, SVE1711S9EB, SVE1711S9RB, SVE1711T1EB, SVE1711T1RB, SVE1711V1EB, SVE1711V1RB, SVE1711W1EB, SVE1711X1EB, SVE1711Z1EB, SVE1711Z1RB, SVE1712A4E, SVE1712B4E, SVE1712C1EB, SVE1712C1EW, SVE1712C5E, SVE1712E1RB, SVE1712E1RW, SVE1712F1EB, SVE1712F1EW, SVE1712H1EB, SVE1712H1EW, SVE1712K1EW, SVE1712L1EB, SVE1712L1EW, SVE1712M1EW, SVE1712N1EB, SVE1712P1EB, SVE1712P1RB, SVE1712Q1EW, SVE1712S1EB, SVE1712S1RB, SVE1712S1RW, SVE1712T1EB, SVE1712T1RB, SVE1712V1EB, SVE1712V1RB, SVE1712W1EB, SVE1712Z1EB. SVE1712Z1RB/W