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The Sony Vaio S series have always been known as the sleak looking series of laptops that Sony release. It is more of a laptop for the business type’s to talk on their daily visits to the office. Sony have not disappointed this time around. The new Sony Vaio SVS series in one word looks “beautiful”. It’s lines are perfect and it is a machine you can take anywhere.

The Sony Vaio SVS series comes in two different screen size. The largest being a 15″ screen and the smallest been the well known 13.3″. Even at its larger 15″ screen size, the laptop is nimble and can be slotted into almost any bag enabling it to be taken anyway. The screen resolutions are stunning and crystal clear, another feature that the S series are known for.

It also contains a range of processors, ranging from a Core i5 to a Core i7. The smallest processor being an i5 makes a statement; a statement that thrives performance. OK this isn’t a massive gaming machine, but for what its built for, it rocks the market.

The Sony Vaio SVS series isn’t everybody’s choice. If you want basic and contemporary go for an SVE series machine, but if you want style and compact, this is a great machine. If you have been a lover of the S family in the past, you won’t be disappointed.

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Common Issues

– No common issues reported as of yet

As and when we learn of any common issues with this series of laptops we will post our findings on here for you to see. If you know of any issues regarding this series of laptop, let us know and we will appreciate your input.

Model Range

SVS1311A4E, SVS1311B4E, SVS1311C5E, SVS1311D4E, SVS1311E3EW, SVS1311E3RP, SVS1311E3RW, SVS1311E4E, SVS1311F3ES, SVS1311F3EW, SVS1311G3ES, SVS1311G4E, SVS1311H3EW, SVS1311H4E, SVS1311J3EW, SVS1311K9EB, SVS1311L9ES, SVS1311L9RB, SVS1311L9RS, SVS1311M9ES, SVS1311M9RB, SVS1311N9ES, SVS1311P9EB, SVS1311Q9EB, SVS1311R9EB, SVS1311R9ES, SVS1311S9EB, SVS1311S9RB, SVS1312C5E, SVS1312E3RP, SVS1312E3RR, SVS1312E3RW, SVS1312G3ER, SVS1312G3EW, SVS1312H3ES, SVS1312J3EW, SVS1312K3EW, SVS1312M9RB, SVS1312N9EB, SVS1312P9EB, SVS1312Q9ES, SVS1312R9EB, SVS1312S9EB, SVS1312S9RB, SVS13A1C5E, SVS13A1S9ES, SVS13A1T9ES, SVS13A1U9ES, SVS13A1V8RB, SVS13A1V8RS, SVS13A1V9EB, SVS13A1W9ES, SVS13A1X8RB, SVS13A1X9ES, SVS13A1Y9ES, SVS13A1Z9ES, SVS13A1Z9RB, SVS13A1Z9RN, SVS13A2C5E, SVS13A2V9RS, SVS13A2W9ES, SVS13A2X9ES, SVS13A2X9RS, SVS13A2Z9ES, SVS13A2Z9RS, SVS1511A4E, SVS1511C5E, SVS1511F4R, SVS1511L3ES, SVS1511M3EW, SVS1511N3ES, SVS1511Q9EB, SVS1511R9ES, SVS1511S3RB, SVS1511S9ES, SVS1511T9EB, SVS1511T9ES, SVS1511U9ES, SVS1511V9EB, SVS1511V9ES, SVS1511V9RB, SVS1511W9EB, SVS1511X9EB, SVS1511X9RB, SVS15112C5E, SVS1512S1ES, SVS1512U1RW, SVS1512V1ES, SVS1512V1RB, SVS1512V9ES, SVS1512X1RB, SVS1512X9EB, SVS1512Z1ES, SVS1512Z9EB, SVS1512Z9RB