Sony Laptop Repair


SVT Series

Our Opinion

The Sony Vaio SVT series of laptops on first look are a great bundle of features and look great. It seems that Sony have gone for the slim, sleak look on most of their new ranges which in all fairness, we aren’t a great fan of. Honestly, it looks good, great even but the build quality when using this sort of shape and stature is usually poor. It can lead to problems with the chassis and hinges being repaired or even replaced.

Saying this we cannot argue that the Sony SVT series aren’t great looking laptops. With the SVT you also get the choice of three different screen sizes which means you can choose portability over media or vise versa.

User Review’s

Common Issues

– Touch screen very temperamental
– Keyboard is a poor build quality
– Screens aren’t very good in the sun

As and when we learn of any common issues with this series of laptops we will post our findings on here for you to see. If you know of any issues regarding this series of laptop, let us know and we will appreciate your input.

Model Range

SVT1111C5E, SVT1111M1ES, SVT1111M1RS, SVT1111X1RS, SVT1111X9ES, SVT1111Z9RS, SVT1112M1ES, SVT1112M1RS, SVT1112S1ES, SVT1112S1RS, SVT1311A4E, SVT1311B4E, SVT1311C4E, SVT1311C5E, SVT1311M1ES, SVT1311M1RS, SVT1311V2ES, SVT1311W1ES, SVT1311X1RS, SVT1311X9ES, SVT1311Z9RS, SVT1312A4E, SVT1312B4E, SVT1312C4E, SVT1312C5E, SVT1312L1RS, SVT1312M1ES, SVT1312M1RS, SVT1312V1ES, SVT1312V1RS, SVT1312V9ES, SVT1312X1ES, SVT1312X1RS, SVT1312Z1RS, SVT1312Z9ES